Estoy aquí

seville-spain-business-and-society-study-abroad-program-city-mainI landed in Sevilla, España just four days ago. The city is even more beautiful than expected, with cobblestone streets and marble fountains topped with picturesque red roofs that remind me of Florence.

¡Finalmente, estoy aquí!

The weather is better than anticipated, too, with temperatures even higher than Texas. When I arrived, the air was crisp at 50-something degrees Fahrenheit. (About 10 degrees Celsius–I’m still learning how to calculate using the different measurement.) It’s rained twice since then, but never with the torrential downpours common to Texas.

The view from the airplane as we were landing was amazing! Red roofs and fields everywhere.I met my host family on Sunday (we all got picked up at the hotel one by one, like kittens being adopted from a a cardboard box). Mi familia anfitriona* consists of a young couple, a teenager, and their two adorable young children. They also have a tiny teacup Yorkie terrier que se llama “Mosquito,” o simplemente “Moskie.”**

My other three roommates and I have settled in easily. Even though it sounds crowded, the apartment has plenty of room. The energy of the children keeps us awake even after a nice long afternoon siesta (in a good way).

Yesterday I finally got the Spanish SIM card in my phone to work, so my friends and family in the U.S. can call me on my iPhone. It’s been interesting being so cut off from events in the U.S., but I think I’ll be just fine. Sevilla es tan hermosa, después de todo.***

el glosario pequeño

  • * familia anfitriona = host family
  • ** que se llama “Mosquito,” o simplemente “Moskie” = named “Mosquito,” or simply “Moskie”
  • *** Sevilla es tan hermosa, después de todo. = Sevilla is so beautiful, after all.

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